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Hello, I am Jai Sachala, from Navsari – a small town, a twin city to Surat, in the southern part of Gujarat, India. I am a blogger who loves to express my thoughts to the world through writings.

Thank you for landing on this page to know who am I.

Jai Sachala
About Jai Sachala

I am an IT professional, entrepreneur. Started my IT company called LogicArt Technologies. This name coined out of my mind as we deal with the Art of applying Logic. LogicArt started in 2016 and since then I am constantly exploring the IT fields, I have vast experience in developing mobile apps, web-based applications, and Softwares.

But this is not only my area of interest apart from this Niche I also like being in other creative niches, like Designing, Video editing, Video shoot, writing, and so on.

So now you know why you are reading this and why I have written.
I started this Blog to share my digital marketing experience to the world and help small businessman and upcoming entrepreneurs to get online. I have often seen in my business network that many of the business man wants to get online with digital marketing but they have no clue about where to start and how to start.

To guide them and help them in business growth with digital marketing skills, I will be sharing my views in form of Blogs and videos in a way that they can easily understand.

As an entrepreneur, I know how these online competition has taken a huge leap and due to this the small business or to say local businessmen are suffering. They want to come where the world is but they need a guide. So here I will try my best to show the path to success using Digital Marketing.

Apart from this I have a blog about mental health, being positive in life, called Sahiheyar.

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Jai Sachala.