15 Effective Content Ideas for Social media posts

Do you lack the Content Ideas for social media posts?
and have a question like

“What to post daily on social media?”

“What are the different Content Ideas for social media posts?”

“Why my Product details post is not engaging?”

“I am not getting any reach through social media?”

If yes, then you are at the right place. I will try to explain why social media engagement might be dead for your business page.

The Social Media Crowd

First, let me share few insights about current social media platforms. There is huge traffic out there, imagine you are out in the crowded market and people or the shopkeepers are shouting out loud to sell their products. Will you be able to hear a single word from any of them?

Social media Market
Social Media Market crowd

No, Right? Imagine one of them is having attractive shop display and unique, that does not just tell about his products but also displays usefulness, how it can help us, and other such interesting stuff in such a way that you cannot ignore. Anyone would easily notice it.

Guess what, he has a good amount of traffic and sales compared to others out there in the market.

In today’s scenario, the situation on social media is the same as above, where each one is posting tons of content about his/her business. They lack the different content ideas for social media posts.

How difficult it is for us to consume it all?

Just ask yourself, while scrolling through the social media feed, you see N numbers of the post, but on how many of the post you just stop and have a look for a while? A few. right? and if you notice that post should have some uniqueness in itself.

So now I think you should have an Idea why social media posts might not be effective for your social media page. Here is the first key point that every business should keep in mind while posting on social media, what content will it deliver to my audience.

  • Is it adding any value to the audience?
  • is it interesting?
  • is it attention seeking?

Now you might be thinking that for social media as it is important to be consistent what should we post daily?

What I have generally observed for small businesses is that they just post their product details or about their services, listed is post design. Your Audience already knows what things you are selling and what are your services. You need to get unique content ideas for social media posts.

Posting the same type of content daily is like every morning you introduce yourself to your friend

“Hello, I am Jai”,
“Hello, I am Jai”,
“Hello, I am Jai”.

I know now it’s irritating. So does your audience might feel.

Even if you are trying to post some different posts on your social media platforms, sometimes you lack the content ideas for social media posts.

What should my business post on social media?

Here is the list of Effective Content Ideas for social media

Content Ideas for Social media posts
Content Ideas Banner

1. Know Your Customers

To decide the Content Idea for social media posts first we need to identify who our audience is and what type of content do they like.

You are in a business, when a customer walk-ins to your premise you try to identify their needs and choice. What are they looking for, what are their requirements, what kind of material, color, quality are they liking and similar other things?

Similarly, when you are offering content to your customers you should consider their interest. What kind of content they are interested in, what are their preferences.

Create a post content with their preference in mind and when you offer what they prefer you are probably going to get a “like”.

2. Answer the queries they have

The customer generally does have queries about your products and services. They often google it. Suppose a customer bought an electronic appliance, post-sales there might be certain queries about how to install, how to use it, How to take care of it, cleaning instructions, etc.

I am sure being in a business you might have come across various customers’ queries about your products and services, Why not summarize them and create a Blog (like this) or a video (step by step tutorial) for your audience. They will definitely like it.

3. Provide Product/services insights

Your product or service is the main element of your business. For customer they might be just a thing. You can create an awareness about your products by sharing it’s essential features. Like where it is made, how are important functions.

For example, You have a food stall where you serve varieties of food, and you post a simple image of it on social media, for customers it can be any normal routine image.

Now you have a specialty in your food items that all the ingredients are home-grown and organic, this will grab audience attention and impact their trust in your brand.

4. New Arrivals Highlights (Reels)

If you are a retailer you can use short videos to show the latest arrivals in your store. Showcase your latest collection who know someone might be looking for what you have.

Creating short videos does not require heavy equipment nowadays, all you need is a smartphone

So, when you stock up create beautiful videos, and share it on social media.

5. Offers and exlcusive deals

Content Marketing Offers

“50% off”, “Buy 1 Get 1 Free”, “Hot Deals on this special day”… These signs always attract attention. isn’t it

There are times when a business often offers deals on the products. You can create unique deals for your customers and create hype before launching the deals.

You can create excitement about these deals with “Days to go” content posts on your social media. Or create panic or FOMO by creating “Few Days Left” content posts.

6. Customer testimonials

Views and reviews helps a business build or destroy a brand. People trust someone when others recommends them. It reflects their own experience with a business. It gives a positive vibes of your brand.

If your customers are happy with your services and products take a testimonial from them and share their thoughts with your audience on social media. If possible make a video of your customer experience, as the impact of video will be much more than image and written words.

7. Customer stories

There might be many stories built around your business. Try to identify them and ask your customer their story. A customer might be loyal to you for years, ask them to share their journey with your business. There might be a situational story or any other incidence.

Customers love to hear the stories, that’s why movie industries are booming all time. Create your own customers stories and weave it in a beautiful video or blog and share it to your audience. This will help create a special connect with the audience.

8. Behind the scenes

Are you interested in watching the behind the scenes of a movie or song or play. It is interesting. Isn’t it?

So why not share behind-the-scenes of your business. It may be about how you operate, how the product is made, what is the procedure of service, what are the pre-checks performed, How the quality is checked, and many other parameters.

This will help build trust on your business.

9. How it’s Made

Have you come across a video on social media platforms showing the making process of something very basic thing like pot, or chain, or furniture. How many views does that video have? Millions. Right?

Why, because people love to see how a product is produced, be it in a factory or hand-made object by an individual. If you are in the business of creating or manufacturing products share a process of product creation. People will love to watch.

Also, we value the product more when we know how much effort does it take to create it. So share it with your audience, show them how much love and dedication you create products for them.

For services, make them aware about the process.

10. Introduce Your Team

A business is build with the team efforts, introduce your team with your audience. Share their stories and experience in your business.

Let the audience know who are the backbone of your business providing them with such great quality service and products.

A team member can be anyone, a CEO, CTO, manager, or employee. Creating such a content post will help the audience know about your business team and also it will motivate your team members, I mean who doesn’t like to be featured on a business page.

11. Share your Achievements

Sharing the happiness. There are stages in business when you achieve a milestone.

Like selling 10000 products in 1 year, serving 1000 happy customers, reaching a total customer base of 10000, or getting recognized by some industry experts, certification or award achievements, etc.

Boast these achievements on your social media, this will help establish authority and trust on you and your business.

12. Share a fun fact

Sometimes sharing a fun fact might help you get engagements, providing light moments for your audience. A kind of “Did you know…?” post.

Research a silly fun fact that amazes the audience and try to relate it with your business, but not too hard that it loses its charm. Create a comic post style that will enhance the overall design of the post.

13. Take suggestions

There are sometimes where your customers might have a “Can be improved” kind of feeling. You might never know what’s missing in your products or services.

Take a survey ask for suggestions. It can be about a new product range, new services, current products, what are their thought on your business. It can also be helpful in planning the future of your business.

Also asking for suggestions will make the customer/audience feel connected with your brand, they will feel their importance.

You can use polls to create such content.

14. Celebrate a festival/holiday

This is the most common thing to post, Happy “this” day. Have a list of special days in a calendar. You can create a festive post featuring your products in a relatable manner.

Remember don’t push hard in promoting your product and make it irrelevant. You can simply post a wish with a design and your brand logo and name. You can use tools like Freepik to download the festive graphics for your social media post.

This is one of the most common Content Ideas for social media posts.

15. Interesting facts

Research and find out the interesting facts about your industry and share them with your audience. Read out blogs, magazines, websites and create infographics to represent it in an interesting way that conveys some meaningful data to your audience.

You can use various tools to create infographics like Canva.


Now you have a list of Content ideas for social media posts, make a content calendar for your social media posts and get ready to boost your social media game. Remember, social media marketing is not just about posting content randomly. It needs to have strategic and goal-based planning.

If you need help in planning your social media content planning, you can reach out to me on my social media platforms. @jai.sachala

Happy Posting