How to start Digital Marketing for Small Business

Are you a businessman? or Entrepreneur or thinking of a start-up? Do you know how to start digital marketing for small business? Well, if not, don’t worry, today in this article I will tell you how to set up a Digital presence for your business.

For any business, Marketing is the most important factor, without it what is the use of starting a business? It is like you started selling something but without telling anyone about it and then you expect people to come to you and buy.

Business marketing has been there since the existence of the term business. Though the way of “Marketing” has changed with time. In today’s date, the latest form of marketing is Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing for Small Business.

Why Digital Marketing is Important for Business?

For any business, you can sell your products where your customers exist, or where you can reach out to them through any medium. For this age, the customers are present virtually, if you want to communicate with them you too need to have a virtual presence.

For this you need Digital Marketing. I will share my thoughts on how to start building digital marketing for your small business.

I will start with the Basics, like

  • The need of the hour, why digital marketing is important for the business.
  • what is digital marketing?
  • what are the types of Digital Marketing?
  • Overview of each type:
    • What is SEO?
      • Basics of Google search.
      • how to rank on the 1st page?
      • What type of keywords to be used?
    • Social Media Markeing
    • Content Marketing
    • Email Marketing
  • How to take an Approach
  • Defining Goal
  • Selecting target audience
  • What else do you need, get online and explore the exponential growth.
  • Get online get going.

Well in this Article, I am not going to write. Instead, I am going to talk to you.

Let’s meet in the video.

How to Start Digital Marketing for small business.

If you have gone through the end of the video you might have got an overview about all the digital marketing basics that one should have before approaching for it.

Still, you might have queries about many things like how to send emails to clients, how to set up mail listings, and so on.

But, don’t worry all things will be covered one by one.

To start learn What is digital Marketing for You?

Start Digital Marketing for Small Business

For now let me know how you are planning to start your digital presence?

What are your target audience?

What is your goal?

Want to start with an E-commerce ?

Let me know if you need any help. You can reach me out on my business website Also do not forget to visit this blog again for regular Digital marketing updates on

Thank you.

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